Good News, Bad News

The good news is, it’s NOT soft tissue. (Can I get a collective hallelujah?)

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The bad news is, I was correct – Henry doesn’t feel right. In fact, we found a fracture. A teeny tiny, little bitty baby fracture that most likely happened about a month ago in turnout when he was playing and kicked the fence. Minor, in the realm of fractures, but it’s likely being exacerbated at the moment by how hard the ground is. He also has one hell of a bone bruise. And he is a huge wuss (official, professional diagnosis).

good luck finding it

So far the bone looks good (no signs of displacement, fragments, or dying bone) and it’s already trying to heal. There’s not much to do besides give it time and let it continue healing. Luckily complete rest or stall rest are not required. The vet does want it to stay wrapped though, and he’d like for Henry to keep his current conditioning as much as possible. Unfortunately, the ground is just too hard everywhere at the barn to do that, so guess where he’s going for 30 days?


Yup, back to the spa. Guess he liked it so much he wanted a month long rehab stay instead of a spa day trip. 30 days of tons of hand walking, some supervised turnout (sorry kid, no running), wrapping, and aquatred. Then we X-ray again to make sure the bone still looks good and everything is healing appropriately, and if it is, he can start being ridden lightly on soft ground. Total estimated time til a fixed pony: approximately 8 weeks. Worst case scenario the bone starts to die and we have to go in and remove some. Luckily that doesn’t look likely at the moment (my vet is sending the rads to a surgeon at A&M to confirm that opinion) but it’s a small possibility if things go awry. As of right now the bone looks healthy and shows some signs of healing.

This definitely 100% sucks and it definitely means our show season is over. However, I’m so glad that it’s something fairly minor with an excellent prognosis. Once it’s healed, it’s over and done with, and should never be a problem again. I’ll take this over soft tissue or something chronic any day of the week.

So… I guess I’ll have lots of free time on my hands for the next couple months. Lord help us all.

41 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News

  1. Oh, my friend the sequestrum. I hope to god all that bone stays healthy and happy because surgery is scary.

    I’m sorry to hear that the goofball hurt himself, but I’m glad you have the resources to keep him fit and worked safely!


  2. in the grand scheme of things…. sounds more good than bad. still tho, i’m really sorry. good for you for recognizing the issue before anything happened to make it more serious. and excellent that you have such a fantastic facility nearby to help him rehab and heal!


    1. It could definitely be worse. Missing the fall season sucks, especially since we were about to move up, but in the grand scheme of things its just a few shows. There will be more.


  3. im REALLY happy its not soft tissue related. he is being a bit of a weeny but luckily for him youre a good sport and are sending him to horse rehab heaven. lucky little shit. fingers crossed for uncomplicated recovery.


        1. That makes me feel better- I kept looking too and I couldn’t find it!

          Keeping his conditioning up means you’re going to get back to the grind that much faster. Love that you have the aquatread to keep him going. Have fun at the Spa, Henry!


  4. Wishing him a full & speedy recovery. Jammy dodger getting a 30 day stay at the spa.
    Hoping all goes well with the recovery plan, but vet prognosis sounds good so keeping everything crossed for you guys


  5. Great news on not being soft tissue. I feel like if that news has to happen it should only be to one of us at a time and that current person is ME after bad news Monday night at the vet (my endurance mare’s suspensory has a lesion. JOY.). So YAY for an answer and a plan of action and quick resolve for y’all!


      1. I was freaking out FOR you! I obsessively checked your instagram most of the day waiting for an update. I was SO RELIEVED to see that it was a fracture. Horses, man.


  6. late to game but glad you figured it all out and it is fixable (UNLIKE MY STUPID WORK COMPUTER THIS AM ARGHH 2 hours of updates later! LOL). Can’t wait to hear about Henry’s spa month! 🙂 HEE……


  7. Poop. Well, I’m glad the prognosis is a good one. Also, it’s awesome that you have that spa accessible to you! I wish I’d had something like that the million times I’ve had one on lay-up. Wish I could send you a pony for a couple months. Unfortunately, mine all limp too. (Save the yellow one, but he lives with trainer.)


  8. I’m so glad that it turned out to be something manageable and not too terrible! And how ironic you took him for a spa day at the rehab place just to check it out? Glad that you have a good plan in place and what a good horse mom for listening to what he was trying to tell you. And, from experience, I’d much rather have a bone injury than soft tissue. Once it’s healed, it’s healed. Heal quickly Henny!


  9. So I have two reactions–first, I’m really sorry that Henny is hurt & your season is over! Second, I can’t recall the last time I was relieved to hear about a fracture! I realize that it’s still a big deal, but I was so worried about you & your horse & how far you have come together just to crash & burn over a soft tissue issue, that I feel strangely relieved! I know I’m weird, this is why I fit in on this blog;) Good job looking out for your horse!!!


  10. Ugh I’m so sorry Henny is sidelined for the rest of the season! But, as you said, It could definitely be worse and a diagnosis and a game plan ALWAYS helps calm the crazy! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


  11. So… You’re going to invest in some bubble wrap for Henny? I’m glad it’s a minor injury in comparison to what it could’ve been (and what you were probably imagining)! Really glad you have the resources to send him to a spa for thirty days, Henry is a very lucky boy.


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