On a scale of 1 to 10?

I’ve been drooling over lots of tall boots lately, mostly ones that are well beyond my budget (because I dunno, champagne taste, story of my life?). That was mistake #1. When I remarked to Friend that I really liked the Tucci Marilyn’s (mistake #2), she was quick to point out that I could customize them. Like, what about a navy top? Two of my favorite words – customize and navy.

Off I went to Photoshop, trying to decide if I liked how that would look. Mistake #3, because now I’m googly-eyed in love with these things.

So on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “kinda need” and 10 being “OMG RIGHT NOW” (there’s no choice for “don’t need” because obviously that’s a stupid choice)…

how badly do I need these?





50 thoughts on “On a scale of 1 to 10?

  1. just do it. It is only money. Oh and who needs food, shelter, etc (as long as Henry is covered you are golden). HA….


  2. If you haven’t sold you Childeric yet, maybe when you sell that you can use some of the money towards the unicorn Tuccis?


  3. Well Unicorn 2.0 was $200 cheaper than Unicorn 1.0, so CLEARLY that is an extra $200 of free money to go towards boots…

    Really, you could subtract the cost of Unicorn 2.0 from the cost of a brand new Unicorn to get how much free money you have for other tack purchases.

    #tackmath #canjustifyanything


    1. #moretackmath

      Don’t forget to divide purchase price by number of times you use item.

      Obviously, these boots are free.


  4. 100% agree with the guy from Project Runway who grew on me his second season yet I’ve forgotten his name…but you definitely need these boots in your life 😍😍😍😍


          1. It is actually because you’re a disfunctional side show carny moron that you can’t tell the difference between when someone is joking, being serious or being rhetorical.


  5. I don’t even ride english (therefore no tall boots, which actually makes me depressed because I think they’re pretty) but I have to say those are fabulous and you definitely need them.


  6. Ok- I’ll admit those ARE gorgeous! But of course I’ll suggest another pair of Monacos! BTW- I want a recap of your jog outfits please! I think I caught a glimpse but since you were jogging in your photos they were blurry! I know you were up in the air on the outifts and was hoping the combo I sent worked out!


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