What’s new at Luxe EQ

I hadn’t been to the Luxe EQ mobile in a while – so long, in fact, that they’ve gotten a bigger trailer and lots of new inventory. I decided it was time to remedy that (plus I really wanted to look for some new white breeches) so last Saturday I loaded up the best road trip corgi ever and made the drive to the h/j show at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center.

dis my console

Our timing was pretty spot on; we arrived right as they were opening the new arrival of Snaks 5th Avenchew. There were some stray crumbs and bits in the bottom that Quinn was more than happy to help clean up.

big fancy new mobile of amazingness!
Quinn is the official Luxe EQ janitor

The treats are really cute though, they’d make great gifts or a fun splurge item at shows. I came home with the Pony Pop-Tarts for Henry (which you saw him devouring in yesterday’s post) because how could I not?

Dada Sport, Paul & Lydia, a bunch of treats, French Laundry

First I poked around everything outside… the Asmar, the Le Fash, the Tucci, the EIS, and some sale stuff. There were no navy Le Fash left in my size, thank goodness, otherwise it probably would have come home with me since I was already feeling weak. I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of high tech gadget inside the trailer itself that emits a resolve-killing pulse wave or something. Every time I get close my debit card sprouts legs and starts climbing out of my wallet. I think I’m overwhelmed by having so many nice things in one place.

Asmar, Le Fash, EIS
The Great Wall of Tucci

I made it through the whole outside display without touching anyth- no, wait… the treats. Crap. Scratch that. But anyway, once we were done perusing all the stuff outside, we wandered inside (also known as The Danger Zone). As soon as you walk in you’re not really sure where to look first, because you pass through the portal (er, door) into a sea of helmets, belts, boots, and bonnets. I love all those things.

Samshield and Kask

The Kasks are new, and I haven’t seen any in person before. They have some really cool features including a magnetized sliding clasp and lots of customization and fit options. Definitely awesome helmets. I’m 100% married to my navy and yellow Samshield, but the Kasks have some features I haven’t seen from anyone else and that makes them interesting.

Majyk Equipe boots and Schockemohle soundproof bonnets

I’ve reviewed the Majyk boots on here already – Luxe EQ has a few different models, including the brown leather ones that everyone seems to be asking for.

Then there are the belts. TS, Brian Toohey, CS Simko, Manfredi, Asmar, etc etc. If you need a belt, of basically any size or color or material, this is the place for you. Good lord the belts.

more belts
Brian Toohey belts
CS Simko and more Brian Toohey

Once you manage to pry your eyes away from the belts, there’s a nice selection of gloves (including a couple Roeckl models I haven’t seen anywhere), socks, and stock ties.

Roeckl, Samshield, SSG, Winston, Animo, Style Stock

Then just beyond that are the hats and visors. Since we have two seasons – summer and monsoon.

Below the visors is a little rack with a new brand called Dada Sport. I really liked all the details on all their stuff – nothing ostentatious, still looked really clean and elegant, but had just a little something extra to set it apart.

Across from the visors are little things like earrings, stock ties, some really cute placemats and towels, etc. See the thing along the back wall that looks like a purse? THAT’S A COOLER!!! YOU CAN KEEP YOUR BOOZE COLD WITH IT. Or water, I guess, if you’re into that. I’m really not sure why I didn’t buy one, I think I got distracted by the breeches and forgot. They were really reasonably priced too, therefore a life necessity.

French Laundry and Loriece

In case you’re wondering, this is what Quinn was doing the entire time up to this point

I help!

As you go further back you hit the breeches, sweaters, shirts, and coats – the really fun stuff. By the way, Animo does custom coats now. Good luck forgetting that. So many colors.

I couldn’t even get pictures of everything, but there are more bins and racks hiding a mountain of breeches and shirts in different colors and sizes. Lots of Cavalleria Toscana too, which I LOVE but somehow neglected to take any pictures of.

Animo with more French Laundry pillows and CS Simko belts
That’s a lot of Tailoreds (with a hint of Le Fash)

And then finally at the back of the trailer – the giant stack o’ Tucci


and the wall of Winston coats.

extra want

But the real question is – what did I come home with? When I mentioned that I needed another pair of whites, Megan (the owner and a long time friend of mine), immediately started digging and pulled out lots of different options for me. I tried on several pair (a couple different weights of Animo, some Anna Scarpati, some Mastermind, and some Winston) and of course the ones that fit me perfectly and looked the best were the Winston. As soon as my coat arrives I will officially be head-to-toe Winston, since I already have their Vienna shirt too. And a sweater. Although I don’t have the Winston socks or hat…. yet.

I also tried on the burgundy RJ Classics Gulf breeches and was really pleasantly surprised by them. I wasn’t expecting to like them that much but so far I LOVE them! I think I’ll have to go back and get more colors, especially the green once it comes out. They might possibly be my new favorite schooling breeches. I’ll review them once I wear and wash them more, because so far they seem like a really good value.

The Haul

As usual I was not disappointed with my journey. I probably didn’t even cover half of what’s in there… it feels a little bit like my version of Disneyland. You’re pretty much always guaranteed lots of cool new stuff to look at and try on, and there’s nothing like being able to see and feel things in person. Especially white breeches.

Luxe EQ usually makes the rounds on the Texas h/j circuit, but since we pretty much stop showing in the summer the mobile will be traveling all over the country. If you’re in any of these areas I definitely recommend you drop in and see (and try on, which inevitably leads to buying, so bring your wallet) all the cool stuff!

Brownland Farm (Franklin, TN)      May 25 – June 5

Lamplight (Wayne, IL)      June 7-26

Great Lakes Equestrian Festival (Williamsburg, MI)      July 6-24

Kentucky Summer Classic (Lexington, KY)      July 27-August 29

27 thoughts on “What’s new at Luxe EQ

  1. SO much stuff. I love Quinn that face 🙂 I get overwhelmed in Tack trailers like that i can’t take it all in. But that looks like one that has all the right stuff. I am amazed you got away as easy as you did 🙂

    When does your custom coat arrive??


  2. I’ve been eyeing the Kask for awhile now, especially because of the amount and attractiveness of the ventilation feature. Do you have an idea of the type of fit (round vs. oval)?


    1. It has this cool little cradle type feature (I don’t even know how to describe it) that helps it fit a wider variety of shapes, plus there are different liners. I’m EXTREMELY oval and it was a touch too round for me, so I would think that it could fit most people who aren’t very extreme one way or the other, shape-wise.


  3. Erhmahgerd I could order a Winston coat at Brownland :||||| I neeeeeds it.

    I will definitely be making a stop her second weekend there Becuase grabby hands!


  4. I want to buy all of the things. I am getting a little bonus at work soon, and I think I may have to finally break down and get the green TS breeches with the tan patches. I can’t explain my lust for them. I just have to have them. Soon.
    Did you know that occasionally they have Asmar on the Zulily website? I got a bunch of shirts on there last year for a deal.


      1. I may or may not have the Black and Blue with tan patches AND the green with tan patches. Guilty as charged. Seeing that wall of TS just made my heart go pitter patter.


  5. I’m not familiar with all of the Kask features, but I did hear about an incident similar to the KEP mess in which a piece fell off while a rider was schooling, and when the helmet was taken to the rep at the show they were awfully difficult about the whole thing because the piece had been temporarily taped back on.

    When I visited Megan’s trailer during Pin Oak, I was almost glad I was saving all of my money for boots, because I’d have spent waaay to much in her trailer otherwise. I wanted all of the colors and brands and I was almost overwhelmed by all of the nice things.


  6. Want to buy all the things. I’m so glad she won’t be in NC or I’d really be in trouble 🙂

    Quinn is freaking adorable. LOVE the picture of him covered in crumbs.


  7. someone needs to make a dark plum /aubergine coat. I have been waiting patiently (or not) for about eight years. I hinted to Asmar once upon a time, but nada.

    If you see anything like that… point me in the right direction.


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