Weekend recap: countdown and a surprise 

Only two more days til we leave for AEC! That means the weekend was spent cramming lots of stuff into what is kind of the last minute.  Ride Times:


The weekend preparations included but were not limited to:

Dying rainbow streaks into my hair. Team spirit, I gots it. And so does my pink and purple and blue hair.

I did one last jump school with Henry, probably just high enough to make him think that BN at 2’7″ is a hilarious joke. Please don’t have rails Henry. Please?

I also dyed Halo’s tail for Bobby, because once he stopped making fun of me for dying Henry’s tail he realized how awesome it looks. And Halo’s looks even better. Now when Bobby wins AEC he’ll have to thank me in his acceptance speech for making him and his horse look so bad ass.

Otherwise I mostly did laundry (had to locate all 7 of my unicorn shirts and 4 pairs of unicorn socks, naturally), finished some props for the course walk (it’s going to be amazing) and started making lists. There’s no way I’ll remember everything, but I’m gonna try.

I also fit in half a day of work on Saturday afternoon (woot, overtime), and when I couldn’t find my sandals I settled on the next best thing. Because I can wear whatever I want when no one else is around. I’m thinking I should do the mechanical bull riding competition at the competitor’s dinner in these bad boys…

Annnnnnnnnd, last but certainly not least: guess what I did on Sunday? Surprise!!!!

She needs a little cosmetic work, but she’s solid and I’m ridiculously excited.

30 thoughts on “Weekend recap: countdown and a surprise 

  1. Somewhat unrelated- but Riding Warehouse’s website re-design looks great (and two thumbs up for better usability!)! But the navy and yellow scheme… seems new… coincidence? Did they come to the $900 facebook pony for inspiration?? 😉


  2. Wow there’s so much awesome here crammed into one post! Congrats on the trailer! Mine is also not brand new and spiffy and could use cosmetic work but she’s solid and she’s mine and I worked damn hard for her, so I have a soft spot for the older models. There is a saying that it’s not what you pull up in, it’s what walks off the ramp that matters. 🙂

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  3. Congrats on the trailer! I need to try and come up with a unicorn themed photo this week. Older trailers are still wheels. Heck, mine is a 1964! Can’t wait to see updates on AECs and I’m so bummed TX is too far for me to drive to come to the unicorn party. 😦


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