Weekend recap: lessons and mimosas and new stuff

The weekend started out with a lot of promise. We had gotten a couple rainy days last week so were unable to ride except for hacking down the road, but the sun came out towards the end of the week and we were hopeful that things would dry up. A couple of new things arrived in the mail for Henry – a new bonnet from If the Bonnet Fits, and a new-to-us Nunn Finer Piaffe dressage girth. This is now the FIFTH dressage girth I’ve bought for this horse in an attempt to find just the right one, and finally – FINALLY – I think we’ve got a winner. More on both items coming up soon.



On Saturday we hauled over to Dressage Trainer’s covered arena for lessons. Henry hadn’t really been ridden in a week, save for one road hack, and for him he was actually a little wild. There was someone else riding in the arena during our lesson and every time she smacked her very lazy horse with the whip, Henry got more and more worried that she was going to come beat him next. It was not our best lesson, he was a little tense and dragging me in the down transitions, but it had some good moments. Mostly I’m just happy we actually got to ride.


And then it rained. And rained and rained and rained some more. Sunday we had plans for a barn-wide road hack and mimosas, but it looked like we were gonna get rained out.


Still, we are alcoholics troopers, so we sat in the barn drinking our mimosas while it rained. I let Henry sniff mine and he stuck his entire tongue in to taste it (he said EW). I drank it anyway, because it’s never going to stop raining and we’re never going to ride regularly again and I need a coping mechanism whether it’s got horse slobber in it or not.


When the clouds parted we all jumped on and actually managed to have perfect timing. We fit our little road ride in and were settled back in the barn before it started raining again.

Y’all know all three of these faces – Bobby, me, and Brandy
poor Henry looks teeny in this picture

Y’all need a better picture to fully appreciate my shirt… Bobby got this for me for Texas Rose. Yes that’s a rainbow butterfly caticorn. I can think of nothing more magnificent. Bobby loves me.

caticornshirtSadly we’re rained out of our riding plans for today and tomorrow but hopefully the sun will come out and start drying things up. Surely it will eventually… right?

Oh, and for those wondering how Sadie is doing – she actually regressed after I posted last week and is now holding steady in the “maybe any minute, maybe two weeks from now” stage. I really wouldn’t expect anything less from her, she’s gonna toy with us until the end.

Who, me?

17 thoughts on “Weekend recap: lessons and mimosas and new stuff

  1. Love the bonnet! I think Tucker needs one. And I fully support all barn activities that involve drinking and bareback riding (as you probably would’ve guessed)!


  2. The rain has been absolutely brutal. We’re lucky enough to have a covered but the poor horses aren’t getting a chance for turn out because of all the mud and the weather does not help my motivation level when I have like 7 horses that need to be worked. So ready for the sun!


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