Review: Aztec Diamond Equestrian breeches

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, I have to give Aztec Diamond props for their customer service. I asked a lot of questions via Facebook and email before I ordered, and they always answered in a timely and pleasant manner. When I was finally ready to order I just told them what I wanted via email and they sent me a Paypal invoice (the cart on their website is not set up for international orders yet). Super convenient for me since I had some money sitting in my Paypal balance anyway. My package arrived in just 4 business days. Really impressive considering most of the things I order here in North America take longer than that to get to my door.


I ended up getting the Houndstooth Luxe breeches, the Monochrome Luxe show shirt, and a pair of socks. I’ve been obsessing over the Aztec Diamond website for months… I had very high hopes for them but honestly was terrified I was going to be disappointed. Luckily that was not the case. They came nicely packaged, which – let’s face it, first impressions matter – really helps give you the feeling of a high end product with thought and care behind it.  I almost didn’t even want to take the tags off. Everything looked really nice right out of the box, and to my extreme relief it all fit perfectly! I would say the fit is pretty similar to low rise front zip Trophy Hunters or most low rise Animo models. The fit is snug and close to your skin but since they’re so light and stretchy you don’t get that “I’m trapped in sausage casing” feeling.



The breeches definitely have similar styling to Animo and other high end brands, but with lighter weight fabric. The details are impeccable and well thought out, from the euro seat to the sock bottom to the anatomic design of the knee. They were so comfortable I just sat around in them for hours before heading to the barn. It’s hard for me to say this because I’ve always been such a diehard Animo devotee, but these might actually be even more comfortable. The lighter weight fabric is really nice to have in our warm climate. I honestly struggled to come up with any complaints about these breeches, but if I was being super picky the knee grippers are not as “sticky” as the Animo ones. I’m a big fan of maximum grip and the Animo have spoiled me a bit there.


A major selling point of these breeches is how FLATTERING they are, in addition to being really beautiful. I got lots of compliments while wearing them… Trainer dubbed them my “Fancypants” and immediately asked if ADE made men’s breeches too.


I’ve worn them 4 times so far and washed them twice (mostly because I wanted to see how they laundered before I posted this) and they came out looking perfect. Just a simple cold water wash and hang dry and they’re good to go again. Also, fellow swamp-ass sufferers take note – these showed very little sweat. You really would have had to put your face up to my butt to notice, and that would be awkward. I also spent some time climbing through a log pile yesterday at the barn (don’t ask) and completely busted ass, scraping my knees and legs along the pile of logs and sticks on my way down. No fear – the breeches came out unscathed. That gives me even more hope for good longevity.


At this price point I have not found any other breeches that I like this much. I definitely like them more than my Tailored Sportsman’s, which were a good bit more expensive. The fit, fabric, and design are all superior in my opinion. The Houndstooth Luxe breeches are one of ADE’s pricier models but still only came in around $138 USD. Take note: non-EU buyers are exempt from VAT, and VAT is included in the prices listed on their website, so immediately take 20% off the top of the list price.


I will wait to review the shirt in a separate post once I’ve had the chance to wear it a bit. Good to note though – it’s Scotchgarded! How genius is that? As far as the socks, I will say that you should definitely toss a pair of of them into the cart with your order… I found the weight to be absolutely perfect. Not too thick, not too thin, and they almost have a silky feel to them. For $8 they’re a great buy. Hey Aztec Diamond – PLEASE make these in more colors! I’d buy them all!


The blue Flight breeches will be the next addition to my collection. I also hear that they have plans for tan breeches sometime this year, and several different colors next year so keep your eye on their website, facebook, and Instagram for those. In the mean time… I have a few pair of Tailored Sportsman’s for sale if anyone is interested. 😉 ADE and Animo only for this girl!


50 thoughts on “Review: Aztec Diamond Equestrian breeches

  1. I’ve been waiting to hear your thoughts on these breeches! Glad you were impressed, they definitely look comfy and really flattering 🙂 They may or may not be a birthday present to myself next month (because I’m just that generous) hehe.

    Question: what size are your TS?


    1. I don’t have your email anymore. But I have two pairs of 30R TS Schoolers in the new fabric, french blue and charcoal, and a pair of Trophy Hunters (I think side zip) in tan.


  2. Love the sound of these & am so glad they worked out so well for you. Love the look of the blue ones & can’t wait to see what investment time colours and designs they come up with next.
    You are a terrible influence! 😉

    Pity I’m gonna get swamped with the EU-tax, totes not fair! Especially as I’d be clobbered ordering from the US for customs prices too … boo :-p


      1. No, I’ve never had a pair/tried them on before. Looks like I need to take a trip to the tack store to try some on before I order from Aztec. So, if you wanna split shipping let me know. Gotta have me one of their gillets (vests). I’m a big vest girl.


  3. Oh darn, I am a 30L. I would be totally interested in your TS if they were a 30L. How do you like the knee patch on those breeches? Sometimes when I need to use my leg a ton the knee patch will bunch up and cause rubs on me with my TS, but I do love the fit of them… Wondering if those knee patches bunch at all?


        1. $70 each shipped for the two pair of Schoolers (new fabric, in great condition) I have French blue and charcoal, and $100 for the tan trophy hunters (worn maybe 5-6 times).


  4. I have been riding in black unicorn diamonds and just ordered a grey pair I love them so much. Just wish the belt loop allowed for a wider belt. I wear the same sz UK 12. Love love these.


  5. I was so sad when mine snagged within an hour at the barn 😦 Idt I will buy from them again because they were so expensive and I barely got one ride out of them. I am actually super disapointed. They were so comfortable and then they died and all I was doing was untacking my horse and I had my saddle resting up on my leg. When I removed the saddle ther was no sound of something being caught and torn nor did I feel anything. There were just snags everywhere on the fabric. I emailed AD and they told me they would not replace them and I was so so very sad at that. They were also for my 16th birthday which kinda sucked.

    Yeah so I had the Spark Breeches which looks like it is made of different fabric compared to these.

    My reveiw is on my blog:


  6. Hi! I was wondering how long they are in comparison to your TS. I wear a 30L normally or struck 30. Also, what is the rise in the waist compared to TS. I’ve been drooling over these breeches for month now!! Thanks!


  7. Bought some Aztec Diamond Equestrian leggings last week and have ridden in them twice and the fabric has rubbed up and looks very worn and the stitching appears to be fraying.  I repeat this is after only wearing them twice and I only purchased them last week.  I don’t know what all the hype is about they are rubbish. Really disappointed.


    1. That’s too bad. This review is from 3 years ago, but my original leggings (and black breeches) are still in great shape. Granted, I almost never ride in the leggings, since they aren’t really made for that. I haven’t been able to wear ADE since they changed their fit a while back, so I don’t really have any input on the newer items.


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