The $900 facebook pony… the sequel.

Um. Oops. You know when you “accidentally” buy some tack you weren’t planning on buying and it’s called a taccident? It’s a thing, look it up.

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Well. Um. What’s it called when you buy a horse you weren’t really planning on buying? A Horsident? Accihorse? Mental Disorder? Whatever.

Here’s the thing though… tell me this wasn’t eerily serendipitous. It happened almost exactly the same way Henry did. I wasn’t really shopping when I found him on facebook either. I always look at and scroll through horses, but I’m almost never genuinely shopping. Y’all know how it is. Henry was 100% an impulse purchase, because I saw something in his eyes that I liked, my gut said buy the horse, I was in a period of emotional turmoil, and I figured “why not”. Why not indeed. Best decision ever. I offered the seller $800, she countered at $900, a deal was struck, and history was made with my sight unseen horse purchase named Jerry that became Henry.

Fast forward to last night when I’m mindlessly scrolling and see this magnificent creature, who stops me dead in my tracks.

Her fancy advertising photos pulled me in, sure, but the one that really snagged me? The informal face shot. I see the same things in her eyes and face that drew me to Henry, and my gut gave me the exact same “buy it” feeling.

lookit her ❤

Was I looking for a horse? No. Well I was thinking maybe like summer or fall I’d pick up a project for RRP next year or something. I do love a good OTTB, and I already made a list of requirements for what I wanted (in case you’re curious, it’s literally in my phone notes and says “mare, 16-17h, uphill, good neck connection, good walk, no Storm Cat, good sport pedigree”). So I see this one, named Emily Who, and… damn if she didn’t tick all the boxes. I’m not totally in a position right now to be taking on the expense and responsibility of another horse entirely on my own though, so I sent her to the only person I know who’s as batshit as me… Hillary. She also loves a nice mare, it wasn’t a hard sales pitch to get her in for halfsies.

And well, I dunno, an hour later I was making an $800 offer, which was countered with $900, good enough for me, so we paid with Paypal and I’ll be damned if history didn’t just repeat itself almost exactly. But with a chestnut mare this time instead of a bay gelding. I can’t help but feel that the way this went down was extremely serendipitous and has good juju.

if it doesn’t have good sideeye its not for me

She needs some downtime, which is no problem, but her trainer reports that she is sweet and kind and laidback and would like a life outside of racing. She’s raced for a while but never won, although she did come close a few times. I know and trust the connections, which is always a big perk too. They’ve been very forthcoming about details. She can hang out and de-stress and gain some weight and settle into a quieter life for a while.

We do have to change her name though, I know way too many Emily’s to look this horse in the eye and call her that. Hillary and I were trying to think along the “repeat” or “again” theme and so far have come with a few possibles: Geminio (the repeating spell in Harry Potter) barn name Gemma, Ancora (Italian for again) barn name Cora, or Iteratus (latin for you repeat) barn name Rory. Just some initial ideas from the bit of perusing we’ve been able to do. We want to have a list ready when she gets here and then decide once we get to know her. Open to more ideas along that theme! Just nothing cheesy or super long please.

Currently working on shipping… its not super far from us since she’s in New Orleans, but it would be about the same amount of money to just have someone bring her here vs us drive there, stay the night, and drive back, so we’re looking at options. Not sure yet when she’ll get here but I’ll keep y’all posted.


I am the most ridiculous human being I’ve ever met, but are you not entertained?

43 thoughts on “The $900 facebook pony… the sequel.

  1. I thought maybe it would be the chestnut mare you liked from a Facebook page I also follow. Surprise – a different one. Apparently Grace is changing your chestnut mare likability scale. Congratulations, she is gorgeous.

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  2. Long time reader, first time commenter. My semi-serious suggestion is Etta (short for Henrietta) as an homage to Henry and finding another $900 Facebook pony.

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  3. Yay, new pony! Excited to follow along if you decide to do RRP! I just bought a prospect too, but she’s only coming 3, so going to try to wait to do RRP in 2023 when she’ll be 4. We’ll see if I can wait that long to ride her.

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  4. OMG, she’s an eye catcher isn’t she! Can’t wait to see how she goes.

    Can I ask why no Storm Cat? Health or temperament or something else?


  5. WOW, she is stunning! What a gorgeous girl! I’m kind of amazed at what a deal you got, too, since I see OTTBs going for MUCH more on the CANTER sites. She couldn’t be going to a better situation, of course, so I applaud the sellers as well as you and Hillary. So excited for you guys! (Just hope Himself isn’t TOO jealous…)

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  6. Congratulations on your new addition! Definitely a much better choice than a saddle! 🙂
    I am not great at names, but I like the name Reiteration, barn name Reita. Otherwise, I am weirdly attracted to naming her Cindy Lou Who.


  7. So excited for you and Hillary! The mare is gorgeous! And let’s be real, Henry really is a redheaded mare deep down inside. So they’re that much more alike than they seem.
    I’m not the best with names (I mean, I named my new horse Al…) And I really like the Henrietta suggestion above! But here’s a couple thoughts:
    Begin Again
    Once More
    Once Again

    Or like, just go full Britney:
    Oops, I did it again

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  8. Congratulations, so exciting!!
    As far as the name goes, Geminio/Gemma sounds nice, but maybe do GemininA since she’s a mare? Just a thought.


  9. Man that first picture, I gasped out loud. But the second, of her kind eye?? OMG, my heart sighed a little. ❤ As for names, I loved the Henrietta/Etta suggestion so googled "Happenstance" thinking maybe there would be a synonym that would work. This is what came up first: "Happenstance is a chance or random event or circumstance while serendipity is an unsought, unintended, and/or unexpected, but fortunate, discovery and/or learning experience that happens by accident." What about Serendipity and call her Serena?

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  10. OMG!!!! Congratulations!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pulpit offspring!!!! When I worked at a top TB farm in KY, the direct Pulpit offspring were my favorites! Great personalities. So excited for you!!! She is one lucky lady. I can’t wait to follow her journey. I do think the Universe had a hand in this.

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  11. Your purchase makes total sense. We know Hillary loves a good red mare bc Annie! Watching an OTTB transformation is my #1 favorite journey (I’m on this journey so more fun for me). She’s beautiful – she is going to have the best life at your farm


  12. Congrats! She’s a beauty and I think the barn name Rory will fit her nicely. But, I also like Henrietta/Rita.


  13. She is stunning and so excited for both of you! Can’t wait to follow her progress! It may seem silly but I like the barn name Ditto all things considered. Not sure what I’d show her as though. I love the Serendipity/Serena suggestion too!


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