Foal Friday: Pferdinand

If you’re wondering where Percy’s glamour shots are, he sorta missed out on those a bit. His poor surrogate dam had been massacred by a certain pony mare that rules the pasture with an iron hoof, so she was unable to be allowed to run around loose with him that day. Not wanting to have him miss out entirely, he did still get braided up and brought out to walk around the ring and have a look at everything, and he absolutely loved it.

handsome boy with his little braids

Percy is always brave in a cool, calm, and curious kind of way, he’s more of a thinking kind of guy, and he was particularly mesmerized by all the fake flowers marking the inner borders of the ring.

The joke became that his name really should have been Pferdinand (as in Ferdinand the Bull, but it’s a “P” naming year, so…) rather than Perseverence, since he spent the entire time just standing there sniffing the flowers. The other foals had come in the ring all prancy-pants and were like YEEHAW FLOWERS, but Percy just ambled up to them, stuck his nose in them, and stood there happily.

No one tell him the flowers are fake and don’t actually smell like anything but plastic. Clearly he thought otherwise.

mmmmm smells gooood

As you can see he’s continued to grow and fill out a lot. He’s still a little bit more awkward than the other foals but his proportions are looking more and more normal every day as he slowly but surely catches up from his rough start. His ears though… I hope he never grows into those.

He’s also still a very big fan of snuggles, especially from his friend MK. It’s always great when the ones who have a rough start are still very people-oriented… he’s a sweet and happy go lucky kind of dude.

That’s the official wrap to all of the fancy, dressed up pics of all the 2021 foals. Most of them are well on their way to being weanlings now, so we’re nearing the end of our Foal Friday material for the year. I think we can still eke out a few more weeks worth though, even though the foals are all super fuzzy and gawky now. I don’t know about y’all but I’m not quite ready to give up Foal Friday yet!

15 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Pferdinand

  1. While I adore Obi’s cheekiness, I’m thinking that right now, Percy would be the foal I’d want to keep – love his chill zen vibe – and those ears! (But we might have to change his name to Pferdinand, though – I love that so much it hurts!)
    And 1000% agree that we need a few more weeks of Foal Friday – there is nothing bad about cute baby horses to close out a long week.


  2. Do we know if Percy will be okay from his rough start? I know he’s behind the other foals in growth but is he expected to fill out okay?


      1. That is shocking to me. Obi was my pick from day one, and as he continues to mature, he doesn’t disappoint. I don’t claim to know much about pedigree or conformation, but he screams show jumper to me.

        As an adult ammy, Percy would probably be my pick for myself, based on temperament. But to me, Obi was the standout of this year’s foal crop (which is not to knock any of the others — at all).


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