The Maker of Derp

Do you ever look at your horses, both doing something super weird at the same time, and think “Is it me? Do I have this effect on my animals? Am I a derp too?”?

What. Even.
Yes, ma, it’s definitely you.

It’s been stupid cold here for the past few days (for TEXAS in NOVEMBER anyway). Monday was dreary with a high near 40 degrees and a wind so strong it almost blew me over getting out of my truck. Normally the day after a show is a long walk hack for Henry plus pony for Presto, but I just could not even bring myself to take their blankets off. They got treats and extra hay and then I hastily retreated to the indoors.

knee deep in hay and skeptical about my intentions

Tuesday was slightly better. Sunny at least, and the wind was less disgusting. But Henry had a vet appointment to get his teeth done, and he’s such a cheap date that the drugs just about knocked him on his literal ass. There was much swaying, and no pinned ears (that’s how you know he’s REALLY gone, when he loses his ability to pin his ears). But his teeth looked surprisingly decent aside from a couple of sharpish points and small hooks. His jaw doesn’t quite line up so normally his teeth look worse even when I get them done every 6 months. The vet even said they weren’t that bad this time (this is the same horse who once had a team of vets gathered around him taking pictures of the inside of his mouth due to how freaking weird it is) so that’s a win.

His eyeballs still worked well enough to glare at me in his drunken stupor

After Henry was done I grabbed Presto so the vet could feel up his little baby jewels and see if he felt like they were ready to come off. Many jokes about Presto’s teeny tiny nuts later (they really are so small though), the vet declared that they are indeed ready, so now I’m watching the weather and waiting for just the right time. While the vet was packing his stuff I tied Presto by Henry’s stall and it took him all of 2 seconds before he pulled Henry’s blanket off the rack and tried to stomp it to death.

It wasn’t me, I was framed.

Clearly baby horse had some pent up cold weather energy, so I decided to toss him out in the arena to let him play a bit before I put him up. He did not disappoint. Although I’m still not quite sure what gait this is. I think it’s all of them combined.

this is a FEH winner right here, ladies and gentlemen

He also does a pretty magnificent arabian impression. Hillary was watching and said “He looks a little arabian-esque today”. I was like “Hmmm… nope, I just don’t see it…”.

He should have been an arab for Halloween

In his defense he did have some cute moments amid all the weird-gait, snorting, flailing, arabian-impressions.

already a puddle jumper
uphill gaits, anyone?

He’s starting to look so much like a horse now. By spring he might not even look like a baby anymore at all, aside from just being generally awkward. This is both exciting and kind of sad. He definitely still ACTS like a weirdo baby though, so there’s always that. I did notice yesterday that both of my horses have weird things they do with their tongues, albeit slightly different. Henry flops his out the side and plays with it, whereas Presto curls his up in his mouth. Both of them do it when they’re bored. I must be really boring.

I also realized yesterday when I was getting them ready for a their hack that it’s getting harder and harder to see Henry over the top of Presto anymore. Should we take bets on when Presto catches up to him, size wise?

Couple of weirdos these two are, but I’m pretty weird too so I guess it works out. Maybe I DID make them derpy. Either way, I love them both to bits.

7 thoughts on “The Maker of Derp

  1. I bet that Presto catches up with Henry height-wise in 3 months! I legit have no idea how fast babies grow, but he sure seems to be growing realllllllyyyyyy fast. Super glad this cold weather is supposed to let up starting tomorrow. Looks like we will have a beautful weekend for riding in Texas!


    1. Good god i hope you’re wrong about the 3 month timeframe. LOL. I’m hoping he stays 16h or less at least until his 2nd birthday, since the general rule of thumb is that they add about a hand onto their 2yo height. Granted… his mother added like a hand a half, but… denial.


  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if by spring Presto is your taller horse… I feel like you can really start to see what he’ll look like as a grown up. On the one hand, I want him to be a cute little bay-bay forever, but on the other, I can’t wait for you to start sitting on him! So exciting!


  3. Presto makes me think of that moment when a youngster is showing such exciting prospects for the future, while being sad at losing the cutest little foal-baby.

    Maybe a contest for height guesses for Presto at age … dunno, 30 months, 36 months, or something? šŸ™‚

    What age do you think Presto will no longer be adding any height? I mean, for knowing finally, exactly, how tall he is as a grown-up horse. šŸ™‚

    How will Henry react to finding out he is no longer the ‘big’ brother when that day comes? Just the ‘older’ brother. (That was a shock in my life, no one told me that my younger siblings would all end up significantly taller than me.)


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