Home again

After a long week/weekend in Tennessee, today Quinn and I are on the long road home.

Side note: he tried to leave with that kid when she bought some treats, because he has zero loyalty to his human, only loyalty to food. Snaks 5th Avenchew should hire him though, because every time someone so much as looked at the treats he was on his feet, ready to make a sale.

Brownland was a gorgeous show, and the whole area is really stunning. The vast landscape of green rolling hills, some wooded, some cleared for beautiful farms, is very very different from Texas. To be honest, it’s kind of sad to get in the car and leave. I have always much preferred this general area of the country to the one I’ve actually spent most of my life in.

The weather is way better too, despite the humidity. It’s not 100 degrees, with a sun so strong that it feels as though your skin is literally melting. Ah, Texas. So lovely. I’ll take Sticky over Oven any day.

But I am REALLY eager to get home to my boys. I miss Henry and Presto a lot, probably more than is normal considering it’s only been a week. Clearly I really do enjoy seeing and working with them every day. I guess sometimes it’s nice to take a step back so you can see that it isn’t just the routine that keeps you in the barn everyday, it’s the genuine love for the horses and what we’re doing.

I floated some cash at the main barn worker, asking him to hose them off and fly spray them and pick their feet, so hopefully they were still happy and well looked after while I was away. It’s about that time of year when Henry starts to broil, and the weather is definitely going to get worse before it gets better.

But even though I’m driving home to a place that feels like actual hell, I’m still ready to be there, and get back into the regular routine with the boys. A mere 12 hour drive is the only thing standing in the way.

I hope everyone else has a good Memorial Day… back to more typical blog content tomorrow! So long, Tennessee!

8 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Glad you had fun and Quinn tried to run away with customers. sounds about par 🙂 HA! Was it a big show?

    And next time you drive through Tenn you better be coming to see me 😉

    I hope Presto and Henry survived without you for so long (pretty sure the only thing they missed is the snacks)!

    Safe travels!


  2. Ha Quinn, that’s hilarious! My dog would totally leave with the family at the barn that feeds her treats all the time if they gave her the chance.


  3. Hope you had an uneventful ride home! I feel you on missing the ponies. I have the hardest time leaving my four legged kids when I go away. So nice to get back to them! Even if Rio ignores me when I get back initially. I think he has abandonment issues.


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