Guess what happened on Monday?

Yep, it’s true, Presto is an independent man now. Well, sort of. He and Liam are so obsessed with each other that it’s a little ridiculous.

DERPS – but serious question, why are Liam’s nostrils like half the size of Presto’s…

It started out just by putting Presto and Liam in the double stall/run right next to Sadie, to introduce the concept of separation. Because really, there’s nothing worse than the destructive power of a mad giant hippo mare who likes to SadieSMASH. That went off without a hitch, although Sadie was still sidling up to the fence every once in a while to let Presto nurse. I mean, he’s 6.5 months old, you think she’d be tired of him and his crap by now, especially because she seems pretty uncomfortable when he nurses. She is really dedicated to the whole Momma thing.

There has been a thread going on in one of the breeding groups on facebook about “weaning by the signs”, which sounds either super hokey or semi credible, depending on where you stand on the subject of moon phases and it’s affect on people/animals. It just so happened that our timeline coincided easily with one of the “prime” weaning times, so we went with that. Hokum? Maybe. Gonna stack the odds in your favor as much as possible, especially when it’s easy? Yes. Either way, things seem to have worked out, because Presto was not particularly stressed.

that ONE TIME Presto was nice, before he wasn’t

It was discovered by day 2 of “Presto+Liam: Unsupervised” that Presto is indeed the more dominant of the two. Like to the point where he wouldn’t let Liam eat out of either bucket – instead he ran him off to the corner, where Liam just stood there licking his lips and looking like a Big Sad Dumb while Presto expertly monitored both buckets. So someone is kind of a jerk, and more creative feeding methods had to be adopted. Have to admit, I secretly kind of admire his “Bitch, please” attitude. The kid has this wordlyness about him, like he’s been places and he’s seen things. Or so he thinks, anyway. Cocky little turd. But I suppose that attitude is probably a big part of why he’s still alive, so I can’t really resent it now, can I?

The boys will go out to pasture and Sadie will go back with her BFF Lissa. The mares can focus on getting fat again, Sadie can focus on growing that Diarado baby, and they can enjoy a break from naughty little colts with flying teeth and flying hooves.

innocent babes

At some point Liam will be leaving, which will probably be the saddest thing ever for both colts. Granted, they both have other friends waiting for them that I’m sure will be almost as fun. And then Presto will be gelded (god, do you think that’ll take the cocky attitude down a notch?) once it gets cold.

It’s about time to buy him Baby’s First Rope halter, so he can start learning some real groundwork (with manners attached)!


8 thoughts on “WEANED

  1. Weaned Joey months ago and if he and Paige get together he still nurses and there is still milk to be had! Not sure when they’ll ever be able to be turned out together. lol Joey will have the same struggle whenever his colt buddy leaves as well. We’re probably going to wait until spring for the castration day since he has no attitude to speak of stil. *fingers crossed* Ain’t nobody got time for that.


  2. You just couldnt have a normal horse could you? I have a feeling Presto is going to make you work really really hard which is great for blog (and us to read) HA! I think the weaning from Liam might be harder than the one from Sadie. Glad Sadie is not too upset (I remember SadieSmash from previous years). Speaking of how is Merlin doing??


  3. I’m going to be so sad when Liam leaves. They’re best buddies!
    I’m also apparently far too invested in Presto’s social life and an emotional wreck this week. It’s fine.

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  4. We have ALWAYS weaned and castorated by the Almanac. I swear by it. My mares could care less about their babies and are dried up in 2-3 days. And babies are usually done screaming within the first 3-6 hours.


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