Review: RJ Classics Gulf Breeches

Ah, the joys of finding breeches that you a) actually like, b) can afford… why does that always seem to be an ongoing challenge? When I discovered Aztec Diamond I thought I’d finally struck gold, but then they changed their fit. Cue deep despair and minor temper tantrums.

My first problem is that I’m picky. Really picky. Those navy Animo’s that have been living in my closet for years have set the bar high. The second problem is that I’m horse poor. If I could drop $400 a pop on a bunch of breeches, I’d be golden. Things like entry fees and saddles and horse massages and farriers tend to take precedent though. Thus, I’ve kind of found myself on this never-ending quest for just the right pair of breeches.


I first saw the new RJ Classics Prestige Gulf breeches in January at AETA. The thing that first caught my eye was the colors – I spotted a nice deep burgundy and a hunter green. A few years ago I had another pair of RJ breeches, and while I liked the fit, I wasn’t a big fan of the fabric, so I approached the new ones with a skeptical eye. When I felt the fabric  on the Gulf breeches I was even more intrigued… it was a nice stretchy tech fabric that seemed like it would hold up well. Nothing like the old fabric whatsoever. I made a mental note to try them on at some point after they came out.

That opportunity arose when I was in the Luxe EQ trailer a few months ago looking for whites… I also went ahead and tried on the merlot RJ’s. They had a little bit of extra room in the hips, but otherwise fit really well and seemed comfortable. For the price I figured it was worth a try, and I brought them home. From the first wear they pretty much became one of my new favorite pairs of breeches.

I only took two pairs of schooling breeches to Coco, and these were one of them!

Design-wise, I really like them. The colors are great and they have the ever popular euro seat. Then length is perfect for me, the rise is also spot on, and the sport mesh on the lower leg (NO VELCRO) breathes well and is comfortable. The fabric stays pretty clean, washes up well, doesn’t stretch or sag, and doesn’t fade (another huge pet peeve). The construction looks solid, with no loose seams or hardware. I’ve been wearing them quite a bit and have no complaints about the quality or concerns about the longevity.


Fit-wise, they’re almost perfect. There’s that little extra room in the hip and some in the waist that I could do without, but luckily they don’t sag or require a belt to keep them in place. If my thighs were smaller I could probably size down, but since good ol’ Thunder and Lightning are my overwhelming majority… ain’t happenin’. If the breeches slid down or gapped considerably it would bother me more, but they don’t, so I don’t find myself thinking about it or noticing it very much. Basically – if you’re bigger in butt/thigh area, stick with your regular size. If you’re not, you may be able to size down.


I’d absolutely buy more of these. In fact, I definitely need the hunter green ASAP. And the navy. And maybe the white. Someday I’ll have room in my budget for more. They’re comfortable to wear, flattering, attractive, good quality, the fit works for me, and the price is pretty reasonable at $150. Definitely recommend trying a pair!

30 thoughts on “Review: RJ Classics Gulf Breeches

    1. Ditto Amanda. I actually prefer the fabric to my TS which I didn’t anticipate. It washes up well, nothing sticks to it, and it is much more comfortable in the heat. Plus sock bottom for the win!


  1. i have been intrigued seeing you wearing these so i knew i had to see this review. I LOVE the fact no velcro (is there elastic of any kind at the bottom i react to that which is why i have a couple pair of kerritts i can only wear in winter (No sweat allowed with elastic or big raised rashes arrive UGH).

    I need more breeches for riding but they have to be comfortable. I have a couple of heavier breeches for winter but need more all weather ones….if you wear these in Texas i assume they are cooler?

    Damn you for enabling YET again. You are SO good at it LOL


  2. I’m glad you are so pleased with these breeches – if I thought they would fit me I’d try some! (We decided on an another breech review post that my fit is very different than yours) The colors are lovely.

    Have another burning question, though: your belt buckle/belt. WHERE did you get that? I know your barn is Anchor Equestrian so that’s obviously why you have it, but I must know where it came from! I collect anchor accessories myself since a) my other sport is sailing and b) my son is a Midshipman at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, studying to be a ship captain, and his uniform insignia is anchors. Ergo, I LOVE that belt. ☺️⚓️


  3. I didn’t expect to like these as much as I did but I am so glad I snapped 2 pair up when Mary’s Tack did their big breeches sale. I LOVE the fabric and between these and the Sarafina ROMF I don’t see myself dropping $200 on tailoreds again anytime soon.


  4. god i wish icould buy all the nice breeches. i appreciate your reviews for the larger thighed riders of the world. i have huge waistband gapping problems as well.

    how do they fit in the calf?


    1. They fit me really perfectly and I’m very average size in the calf. The mesh is pretty stretchy, I would think it could accommodate a fairly decent range of calf sizes.


  5. You lead me astray with your ADE review and now you tempt me with the promise of gorgeous Hunter Green breeches 😍😍😍
    I’ll have to keep an eye on exchange rates & shipping *whistles*
    The burgundy are gorge btw *swoon*


  6. I will have to try these. I just acquired a used pair of Black Forest Trophy Hunters and was disappointed with how faded they are- I really want to try the green pair!


    1. Yeah, that was one of my TS complaints as well. Anything with a mostly cotton fabric content is going to fade, so I definitely try to steer clear of those fabrics for colors.


  7. I loved the fabric when I tried these on, sadly they really had way too much fabric in the hips for me to the point it didn’t look good. I’m so thankful to have found the Romfh Sarafinas though, similar tech fabric but better fit for me. Just when I thought I’d never find anything I liked better than TS!


  8. curious – i’ve been thinking (all these many months later) about maybe finally possibly pulling the trigger on some ADE breeches… what changed in the fit that changed your mind about them?

    i’ve basically been wearing my pipers to death and love lots of things about them. but am getting kinda tired of the necessity for always wearing a belt, and am considering other options (with functional pockets bc obvi haha)


    1. They got smaller in the hip and thigh. Like… a good bit. The first batches fit me really well, but recent ones I got seemed more suited for someone less hourglass shaped.


  9. Things I have purchased because you recommended them:
    Mango Bay Belts (Four, actually. Two for me, two as gifts),
    Bobbigee’s baby pads ( My trainer did a little happy dance when she heard I opted for girth loops)
    Zephyr’s Garden Anti-Fungal (although I had met the founder quite a number of years back…I never tried it before your post).
    Road ID (mine broke my Fitbit Flex band, so I’m working on a replacement…but otherwise, love it)
    Kastel Sunshirts (that damn ebay link you posted has been the death of me)

    Things I may have in online shopping carts ready to pull the trigger:
    Easiest Spur Strap Yet (When I need to replace the current straps, it will be with these)
    RJ Classics Gulf Breeches – I do wish I could try them on first as I think your claims of being thunderous of thigh are exaggerated.


    1. Traci, Riding Warehouse carries the tan RJ’s and they have free returns… maybe you could order through them to see if they fit? If so, they will likely be able to order whatever color you want. They’ve done that for me on other items in the past.


  10. So… follow up questions:

    How tall are you? Cause I’m 5’1″ and all the pretty breeches don’t fit my stumpy little legs.

    Also, are those the same brown Divoza boots you reviewed a million years ago?


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